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The next step in luggage evolution

What is Luggage Armour?

Luggage Armour Luggage Covers are a water and stain resistant protective layer for your luggage. And made in the USA!

PROTECT: With Luggage Armour, your bag is always covered. Rain, dirt, oil and grease….your luggage is protected by layers of non-permeable water-proof neoprene and nylon.

PERSONALIZE: Choose from a variety of colors and prints. Add your initials, company logo or favorite art work. Travel in style and never have your bag confused with another again!

We have the Luggage Cover to fit your needs. Small, medium or large…our covers are conforming and designed to fit your luggage whether empty or stuffed!

Top Products

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    Total Armour

    Total Armour

    - in stock

    * Small - $34.00 * Medium - $38.00 * Large - $43.00 * Slip on installation * Repels against dirt/grime/grease * TSA Safe ..

    Listed Under: Luggage Covers
  • Prices Start at $39.00
    Total Armour Plus

    Total Armour Plus

    - 40 in stock

    * Small - $39.00 * Medium - $43.00 * Large - $50.00 * Easy on, Easy off zipper * Repels against dirt/grime/grease * TSA Safe ..

    Listed Under: Luggage Covers

Customer Reviews

I just received it and love it! Thank you and we will definitely be ordering more! Very pleased Celeste Vitrano (San Diego, CA.)

I just received your Luggage Armour!!! The quality looks amazing. I am going to post to my FaceBook and let everyone know about this item! Again, thank you so much for this amazing product!! I am sure you will do awesome as the clear ones that your competitor sells looks so> Ken Umemoto (Cliffside Park, NJ)

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