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I just received it and love it! Thank you and we will definitely be ordering more! Very pleased Celeste Vitrano (San Diego, CA.)

I just received your Luggage Armour!!! The quality looks amazing. I am going to post to my FaceBook and let everyone know about this item! Again, thank you so much for this amazing product!! I am sure you will do awesome as the clear ones that your competitor sells looks so> Ken Umemoto (Cliffside Park, NJ)
Is this luggage cover TSA approved?

Is this luggage cover TSA approved?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Don’t be fooled, no luggage covers, wraps or similar are “TSA Approved”, even if they claim to be.  TSA states luggage can be covered or sealed, but upon inspection covers or seals may have to be removed.  They obviously do not guarantee that they will replace the seal or cover.  With that said, TSA does not say you can not use luggage covers, but there is the risk of losing it in transit should they pull it off for inspection.  This is why Luggage Armour has priced many of its covers at an affordable and low cost and utilizes a bag tethering device.

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